Next Level



This is 857,

We take it to the next level

With the Bass and \ the treble


The 23rd Stallion

All of a sudden, start button got ya frontin

In seconds pick your weapons your direction or path

Like I had a half life or a fight with mike

Ask Kid Icarus I get sick wit this



Perfect dark like a total eclipse

dead meat like this gyro mite be

beat me? highly unlikely so I I made my decision

While on the front mission

To put a stick up your anus and watch the pole position



Think Iím missiní certain points

Of what you wish to settle hear

You couldnít look more demanding

Weariní twisted metal gear

Turbís the one you need to fear

And this appears to be a fact man

Iíll turn your crew ghosts

And sport yellow like Pac-man



Youíre whack man, I rush in attack man

I'm a renegade, move back man

If this is fight night, uma fight you

Trust me, you don't wanna be my arch rival



This for all the game playas Wit Nintendoís and they Segaís

Now just like the Playstation

We the new generation



Back in the day They say I was a playa

Cause the chicks around my way

Was calliní me a Megaman

Now this hater wants ta battle And constantly give a hassle

Cause I saw his princess

When she was in another castle


The 23rd Stallion

Thisíll be your last battle fall like cattle

Check the story boards Ikari
warriors Not a pc dude donít sweat the cursor

I aint arc the lad more like the prince of Persia



It's bloody murder like a violent spill

Youíll be alone in the dark on a silent hill

Our Type is ill you're a last resort

Trash ya here's your disaster report



Your vision distort into a foggy Myst MC/s who Ballistic get dismissed Plus you old school like Mercs with dentures This aint herc's adventures but I'll hurt who sent ya

Chorus This for all the game playas Wit Nintendoís and they Segaís Now just like the Playstation We the new generation



Man, I beat Tyson before he had a Givens Used to wonder boy, who's Master Higgins I got the high score, no what I mean I'm all madden y'all just a team



Throw your dreams away Iím not the least amazed

from the Final Fights you had On the Streets of Rage

I have never met an equal See my evidence is people

That get eaten on my block Because my residents are evil



I don't believe you your style is Unreal

You swing a broken sword and I got blades of steel

Its me they feel, I'm wanted D.o.A.

But when I Get on da mic it'll be okay


The 23rd Stallion

All day, your dead to rights put you to bed with nights

Youíll be shining tears with my guilty gear

What can you do lost like a man in the land Of faxanadu

its sad to your not bad dudes



857, 857 Music Publishing © 2012