Medieval Rhymes

This story takes place during dark and medieval times,
General Stallion has been falsely accused for the theft of the royal family痴 sacred treasures and has been endlessly pursued for days, rather then contest the evidence against him, Stallion decides it痴 safer if he leaves for parts unknown, but his fate is uncertain as the king痴 men finally track him down in a small village on the western side of the kingdom.  What will become of his fate?

The 23rd Stallion
Equipped with the hotness/ knives and swords/ I値l proceed with the choppin/ think for a second/ your comin against a legend/ you best to drop your weapons/my crew on side ready to fire with my blessin/I値l oblige / than you値l sigh like a sign of oppression /hence that ya fail at being safe/ tuck your tail between your legs/ like an animal/ eat ya all up like a cannibal/ I知 ruthless/ ya toothless/after I知 finished in minutes/ I知 winnin always/gladiator all day that what they all say/Stallion, the general/not tryin to get taxed like the federal/you hooligans/ tryin to charge me, you get fooled again/so what say you/ when your mind betrays you/follow me like a fool in the night/ get subdued by the fight/ ya think I知 surrounded/ prepared to get clowned kid cause right by those houses

John-Paul:  Stallion, sir Stallion, over here
Stallion:  Who goes there?
John-Paul:  It is I, John from the western front
Stallion:  Just you John-Paul?  Where are the rest of my soldiers?
John-Paul:  All killed like cattle.  It痴 too dangerous to fight them as we are.follow me in here.  We should be better armed and we might find someone who can help us get out of this god forsaken village.
Stallion:  Let痴 make haste.  Excuse me are you.

Welcome, what is it, you want to sleep here
Nice to meet cha I知 your innkeeper
You have superb armor and lovely fleeces
Your stay here will be 100 gold pieces
Oh my, you have to see this to believe this
This item here is priceless, I値l keep this
Not only rooms, we offer weapons and goods
You can call this your own personal medieval hood
We don稚 have many guest I just sit here relaxin
Laid back, puffin the magic dragon
Not much to do but listen to minstrels
Or hear stories people like you get into
Well thank you (hmm hmmm) come again
Let痴 hope I don稚 hear your story with a tragic end

Stallion:  Alright, tell me something old man.  We happen to be in desperate need of some horses.  Can you help us?
Innkeeper (YKC):  That sage in the corner might be of some service to youbut I warn you be careful.  He痴 known for being a violent man.
John-Paul:  Who him?  He doesn稚 look so tough.  Hey you, nancy-bo,  over hear.  The innkeeper said you were.

Yes, I知 the sage, very strange old magician,
whose suggestion for selection says he壇 make a find addition to whatever is your mission, quest or certain journey,
even have the transportation if you池e leavin in a hurry,
no need to worry, cuz Turb has got your back, prepared to smoke any foe, with the stones who would attack, I値l immaculately, practically, actively take on adversaries out of every enemy whose been a threat potentially, eventually will never be a problem anymore,
I値l settle all ya scores, so sit back and watch them tremble when their metal痴 on the floor,
I know your history and I知 steady for your cause, so these enemies of yours best be ready for the war,
I have in store for弾m, cuz soon they値l be consumed and there痴 no fool who値l be ignoring, the skills I have acquired to engulf them all in fire, the result is my desire to retire their empire,

Stallion:  Look, you池e getting carried away.  You said before you had transportation, right?
Turb (sage):  yes, I have a few horses behind this inn, why?
John-Paul:  Why do you think?  Cause we need them.
Turb (sage):  Watch you tone peck?  I only answer to the one with the gold.
Stallion:  Alright, name your price
Turb:  Second thought never mind the gold.  If you let me travel with you, you can have the horses for free.
Stallion:  Sounds good to meyou gotta.did you just hear that what痴 that sound?
John-Paul:  Oh no, it痴 the king痴 guard with Baron Al-G.  Damnhow did they catch up with us?
Baron AL-G:  General Stallion, I sentence you to death for the theft of the royal family痴 sacred treasures and punishment for that has been long overdue.
Stallion:  Oh you mean the treasures that mysteriously appeared in my quarters while I was sleeping.
Baron AL-G:  Say what you will but it痴 your word against the evidence.  Thanks for the tip John-Paul.  You were most useful in leading to the capture of the infamous traitor.
Stallion:  What?  You spineless dwarf!!
John-Paul:  Skip the formalities, I did what you asked now release my wife!
Baron AL-G:  I already released your a sense.  And I promised her that I壇 give a reward.and here it is.  Now take that (sword stab)
John-Paul:  Ah Ewwww..  You bastardyou used me.  DeloresI知 sorry.
Baron AL-G:  Hmm, hmm, hmm you silly peck.  I released her to the heavens when I put this same sword in her back.
Stallion:  Scoundrel, you値l pay with this with your life.  Sage aid me.
Stallion:  Would you like to give any last words, Baron?
AL-G:  No don稚Arghhhhhhhhhh
Turb (sage):  We池e done here, follow me out of town.

And so the general escapes death and departs with the sage for parts unknown.  Who knows what the future may hold for him.  Perhaps we値l find out in a later tale.. 

857, 857 Music Publishing ゥ 2012